Plant Fiber Straws-8mm*210mm

Drinking can be also eco-friendly! The products are made in Taiwan and add the natural plant fiber and PLA. We have received the test report like not containing 5P and food grade. The customers can protect the environment at the same time.


1. Size: 8*210mm

2. Cut: Regular/Spear

3. Wrapping: Unwrapped/Paper-Wrapped

4.Packing Volume(Pieces/Carton) : 6,000(Unwrapped)/ 3,500(Paper-Wrapped)

5. Being suitable for smoothie


*We suggest not using them in hot drink.

*If you would like the custom services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Many countries have already started to implement the plastic free policies to reduce the impact on environment. We also hope to make the earth better to live in.


One of our ingredients is agricultural wastes are regarded as no economic value and we recreate their value. They won’t harm for environment after the customers dispose of them. It’s one of our philosophy, circular economy.


*Adding natural plant fiber

*Not generating toxic material after combustion

*Lessening the impact on environment because of lower CO emissions