Q. What ingredients are used to make plant fiber straws?

Plant fiber straws are mainly made from plant fiber and PLA and don’t contain plastic. Everyone can use them safely.

Q. Do our plant fiber straws contain plastic?

No, we have already received the related test report and our products don’t contain PS, PS, PP, PET and PVC absolutely.

Q. How long could the straws be degraded?

If our straws are in the standard environment, they will be degraded within 180 days fully. It is friendly for environment. We will apply for the biodegradable and compostable certifications.

Q. How to distinguish the plant fiber straws?

Our straws contain plant fibers. The color of the straws will be a bit different because of different plant fibers. Also, you can see the plant fibers on the straws and they are different from plastic straws.

Q. How long is the shelf life of the plant fiber straws?

We suggest the customers buy the quantities you need, store in dry cool space and avoid sunlight and wet. After shelf life, the straws may embrittle easily and can’t be used. Please throw in trash.

Q. How to recycle the straws?

There isn’t recycle bin for PLA in Taiwan so you can throw in trash after you use them. Our products don’t generate dioxin after combustion. Aside from low carbon emission, there isn’t any toxic material emission.